e_flaggeWoPeD – An Educational Tool for Workflow Nets
Thomas Freytag, Martin Sänger.
In: Proceedings of the BPM Demo Sessions, Eindhoven, September 2014, pp. 31-35.

e_flagge Syntax Highlighting in Business Process Models
Andreas Eckleder, Thomas Freytag, Jan Mendling, Hajo Reijers.
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e_flaggeRealtime Detection and Coloring of Matching Operator Nodes in Workflow Nets
Andreas Eckleder, Thomas Freytag, Jan Mendling, Hajo Reijers.
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e_flaggeWoPeD – A tool for teaching, analyzing and visualizing workflow nets
Andreas Eckleder, Thomas Freytag.
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e_flagge WoPeD 2.0 goes BPEL 2.0
Andreas Eckleder, Thomas Freytag.
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deutschland_fahne_icon Quantitative Analyse von Geschäftsprozessen
Christian Czech.
Diploma Thesis, WBH Darmstadt, 2007.

deutschland_fahne_icon Semantikprüfung von Geschäftsprozessmodellen
Andreas Eckleder.
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e_flagge Visualizing the Soundness of Workflow Nets
Christian Flender, Thomas Freytag.
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